Do you need help with your hardware and software systems with CNC automation?

We simplify all your complex workshop operations thanks to planning and programming that is intuitive and easy to use:


Cottali System puts at your disposal FANUC, Siemens, Osai and Schneider equipment, for any intervention as well as simplifies all your complex workshop operations.


Assistance and consultation for machine tools:

Our work is carried out in case of a power failure (Drive, CNC, Electronics) and development of “custom” functions such as macro development, connecting with your corporate network, data servers, etc. In addition, we intervene to optimize production cycles with diagnostics and processing of data via PCs.


Automation and robotics:

We study automated systems for the loading/unloading of machines where, according to the process, electro-pneumatic synchronization systems or robotic systems with vision are designed. As far as robotics is concerned, we provide robotized collector systems which include select caisson pieces, tape with variable speeds and robot guided vision.


We develop the electrical/electronics of your machine/automation/transfer, studying the wiring diagram and control panel. We then wire the system on the machine, creating the software for the commissioning. In addition, during the process we develop the operator interface assisted by suitable products in order to facilitate all the operations of system management.


We study the entire automated island for subcontracted assembly, developing the system layout to move the piece to existing machines. We then define the system load/unload pieced by automated operators, this is to drastically reduce the process time.

We recondition your transfer machine redeveloping the electronics of the machine. In this case, we completely review the electrical system, the control panel and replace the electronics and brushless motor controls. The software and the operator interface with a new design and tools, further simplify the operations of machine tooling, in favor of an optimized cycle time.

Our system

We believe that studying everyday solutions that improve the productivity and efficiency of production facilities of our customers, is the essence to bring factual benefits to the Italian and international industry. Seeing the satisfaction of our partners thanks to work that’s completed, is the essence of our approach to a constantly evolving technology. Every day we work to simplify all complex workshop operations, while improving the lives of people at the same time. This is because we cut down on production costs, reduce the time to setup the machine, improve the cycle time and reduce downtime due to human errors. Through this approach we can then plan and optimize CNC machine tools, their automation system and the development of their programs.


Now you have a complete service available; from initial software-electrical-electronics design through to after-sales service, both as software or electrical with intuitive and easy to use systems.

Systems used in the automation field:

  • Cnc Fanuc 16/18/30
  • Cnc Siemens 840D/Sinamics
  • Cnc OSAI 8600/Serie 10
  • Cnc/Plc Syel
  • PLC Siemens+HMI
  • PLC Schneider/Telemecanique+HMI

Systems used in the PC field:

  • Visual Studio (V.Basic – Visual C)
  • Librerie comunicazione Plc-Pc Siemens
  • Librerie comunicazione Pc-Device I/O (Calibri/Sensori)
  • Librerie comunicazione Cnc-Pc Siemens/Fanuc DLL/OPC


The constant collaboration with leading machine tool manufacturer brands allows us to improve details on a daily basis in order to simplify all complex workshop operations.


TRZ Revismac

We manage the automation hardware and software transfer of the machines in a complete manner through CNC Fanuc. We then coordinate the system of loading/unloading of the machine, both automated and robotized, complete with vision.



We define the procedures for managing the automation of the Transfer multispindle , thanks to constant cooperation with operators to make the machine all the more intuitive and autonomous in the management of production.